Harvest Tasting Menu

IMG_2896Due to the fantastic reaction to my Greenmarket event back in June, I am delighted to announce another vegetable tasting menu, themed around the harvest season and coinciding with the inaugural Oxford Food and Drink Festival. Once again, I’m partnering with Cultivate to source some of the best local produce, as well as with Restore to use their beautiful Garden Cafe to serve 7 courses of seasonal fruit and veg.

Harvest season truly brings in the best and brightest of the year’s bounty. From the bitter green darkness of cavelo nero, to the fruity earthiness of candied beetroot, from the crisp juicy sweetness of Narshe pears to the incredible variety of autumn squashes, I had a hard time winnowing the choices down to just my 7 favourites.


Though this Harvest menu is a celebration of vegetables, this night is not just for vegetarians. In fact we’re asking vegetarians to bring along the most recalcitrant carnivore they know (or can bear) to show them that man need not live by meat alone.

Dates for this Harvest menu are Oct 14th and Oct 21st, and I hope to be able to add extra dates as these ones fill up. Book here, or join the mailing list, check back here or at the Cultivate blog over the next few weeks to see the dishes being announced.

Price £30 + voluntary corkage donation to Restore



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