Locavore Lunches at Silvie

UPDATE: 1st September 2017: Locavore is back as a quarterly Feast Night. Click here to find out more

UPDATE: 18th May 2017: We’ve enjoyed the Sunday Lunches at Silvie’s, but various competing commitments we’ve had to suspend them for the time being. Look out for Locavore’s return in a new format in Autumn 2017.

I’m delighted to announce my upcoming collaboration with Silvie, homegrown cafe, bakery and guest house on Iffley Road. Starting March 5th, they will run on the first Sunday of every month. Click here to book


In case you haven’t found it yet, Silvie is a fantastic new bakery cafe attached to Browns Guesthouse on the corner of Charles Street and Iffley Road that’s throwing its hat into the growing and increasingly ambitious ring of eating places in the Magdalen Road area. Their veg-friendly breakfast and brunch options have been backed up by some fantastic home baked cakes and pastries, and all they were missing is a killer Sunday lunch offering. Right around the same time they were figuring out what to do about this, I was looking for a new home for my seasonal vegetable menus.


The Localvore Lunches will take place at Silvie on the first Sunday of each month, starting on the 5th of March. The fixed price set menu will consist of a seasonally changing selection of imaginative vegetable dishes, grown within a day’s walk of where it’s being served, selected at its peak and cooked in the way that shows it off at its absolute best. The March-May season may be known as the “hungry gap” for fresh produce, but I intend to prove there’s still loads of amazing fruit and vegetable grown in allotments, gardens and farms within a handful of miles of Oxford. Helping me with sourcing as ever is local veg van Cultivate, who get the majority of their stock from farms within 25 miles of our fair city. Dessert will be provided from Silvie’s outstanding bakery (take-home options available).silvie-4

Although I’m designing the set menu for the Localvore Lunch to be a complete meal as it stands, we will also be featuring a guest roast every month, so die-hard carnivores can get their fix by ordering a plate of meat on the side. It is in this way that I hope to continue my mission of encouraging people to see the potential for fruit and vegetables to be stars of the plate, not just a supporting player to the meat.

Price: £25 for the vegetable set menu, £6 supplement for a side plate of meat.

Click here to book

img_2572     silvie-2

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