Introducing Guest Chef Finn Baird

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This is Finn.

Finn has been my best friend since the age of 9, a professional chef since he was 16, and for 4 glorious months in 2013, my business partner under the name Urban Picnic – the make-all-the-mistakes-and-get-out-before-they-find-the-bodies precursor to Smoke and Thyme. Since I’ve known him he’s worked in some of my favourite restaurants in London, Oxford and Bristol as well as starting one of his own in rural Worcestershire, raised his own pigs and cultured or cured just about everything he’s been able to get his hands on.

While I’m in New Orleans, Finn is going to be the Guest Chef at my Supper Clubs so that Smoke and Thyme can “continue” to “run smoothly” in my absence. He’s an extremely capable and imaginative chef who will be bringing a great many fresh new ideas to the supper clubs. I’m going to be working closely with him on the menus – passing back new recipes that I’ve found in New Orleans and doing the same kind of ruthless refinement of each other’s ideas that we do whenever we cook together.

Here’s what he has to say for himself:

“I’m really excited to be collaborating with Jack again – even if there’s going to be 3000 miles of separation while we do so. When we started working together we were doing supper clubs just like these for our friends and family, so I’m delighted to be back in Oxford doing it again in the vastly expanded form that Jack has worked so hard to build it into.

Just like Jack, I love experimenting with new ideas and working with fresh, seasonal and local produce. I can’t wait play around with the ideas that Jack’s going to pass back from New Orleans and I’m also as envious as hell of his kitchen at Ferry Road so I can’t wait to get stuck in there. ”

The Smoke and Thyme Supper Club dates featuring Guest Chef Finn Baird are:


  • Friday 2nd February
  • Saturday 3rd February
  • Friday 16th February
  • Saturday 17th February


  • Friday 2nd March
  • Saturday 3rd March
  • Friday 16th March
  • Saturday 17th March


  • Friday 6th April
  • Saturday 7th April
  • Friday 20th April
  • Saturday 21st April

All of these dates are Pay-What-You-Want, BYOB, and all dietary requirements can be catered for if you include details when booking.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Guest Chef Finn Baird

  1. Debbie

    Hi Finn. We’re trying to book a table for Saturday. We (Lisa) filled in the online form for Saturday about a week ago and haven’t heard anything back (there were spaces and now it’s waitlist only). We’ve just tried to book for Friday. We really want to come. Can you confirm if either night is available and if so (yeah) what time it starts? Happy Valentine’s Day Finn! Debbie 🙂

    • smokeandthyme

      Hi Debbie. Sorry about the failure in getting back to you. Friday 16th and Saturday 17th Feb are all full, but there are spaces available on the 3rd, 16th and 17th of March. I’ve emailed Lisa now to explain the situation with her reservation request.

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