More from the September menu

After last week’s sneak peek, I’m back to tell you about a few more dishes that you can expect if you join me in September. You can check out the full menu here, or you can book for The Autumn Pop-Up run here. Spaces are limited and expected to sell out soon, so book now.


Honey-smoked ham with pear and cashew salad

Home-cured, home-smoked, honey-glazed shoulder of pork (superior to the more traditional leg ham because of the marbling), cut paper thin on my deli slicer (favourite toy) and served with slices of pear and candied cashews. I love curing my own meats – this one takes only about three days in a customised brine of my own devising – before being fully cooked, glazed in honey and smoked for flavour.


Ratatouille Confit Byaldi

Yes, the one from the Pixar movie. The one from Thomas Keller’s inimitable French Laundry cookbook. The one from one of my earliest blog posts. The one on all my posters and flyers.

This ratatouille is the best vegetarian dish I know, and if it isn’t the best thing on my whole Autumn menu, it’s certainly the prettiest.


Gorgonzola cheesecake with poached pears

This is the best, weirdest dessert I’ve ever created. Gorgonzola is my true blue love and I am infatuated with the way this cake blurs the lines between dessert and cheese course. Poached pears (which I’ve blogged about before) are the perfect accompaniment for that same reason. Poached in a syrup made from port, red wine, blackberries and plums, they would be as well placed on a cheeseboard as they are on a custard tart, and so compliment both sides of this cake’s personality.

More exciting updates soon!




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