Venue Refurbishments

IMG_7006For the past few months, as well as working on my menu, taking pictures, and relentlessly promoting the Autumn Pop-Up Run, I’ve been making some beautiful updates and changes to our venue. Here’s a few of the ones I’m most proud of:

The River Table


I first saw a design for a wood-and-glass river table floating around online somewhere a few years ago. I coveted one immediately. My friend Caspar is a cabinet maker and assured me he could build one, and this summer, I finally took him up on the offer. He sourced a stunning piece of oak almost three metres long, had it cut, planed and sanded before sketching out the path of the river that the wood’s curves and ripples implied. All the welding, glass-cutting and the carving of the riverbank was subcontracted out, before being sanded and oiled to a shimmering finish.


Much like those beautiful wavy edges, nothing is straightforward in river tables, and the design that was supposed to be completed by the end of June has only now finally been delivered as August wanes. When it at last arrived, Caspar asked me whether I had decided which way round I wanted the table to be. I knew immediately that it had to flow from the kitchen (the source of my river’s riches) out to carry its delicious bounty downstream.

The Sign


The new Smoke and Thyme sign was created by Jenny at The Dribby Yak Company on Etsy. She was incredibly flexible and helpful about making sure we got the design and style that we wanted. The outline of the script and the logo were laser-etched into a round chunk of  oak, and the background stained dark brown – the inside of the letters being left the original colour of the wood.

The Chairs


The hardest part of upholstering chairs is picking fabric you like. This consists of hours and hours of pouring over almost literally infinite options in online catalogues before giving up and going to Goldhawk Road to peruse what seems to be somehow, impossibly, an even wider range. With that job done though, it’s just a relatively simple (if lengthy) matter of ironing, cutting, stuffing and stapling.

Aside from making them more comfortable, I wanted to upholster in matching fabric to bring a sense of unity to the eclectic junkshop tangle of chairs that I have.

These are the biggest of the non-menu related changes for the Autumn Pop-Up Run (starting 6th September).

Stay tuned for more updates, or book now to see for yourself.


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