Smoke and Thyme: Moving Home

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Smoke and Thyme has had to move the venue for the Autumn Pop-Up at very short notice. The new address is 205 Divinity Road, OX4 1LS

To gloss over all the embarrassing details, a teensy little fire in our oven lead to a dozen very large firemen coming to our rescue, and left us with a five burner range cooker in the garden and a somewhat spooked-out landlord.

Luckily we have very quickly found a new venue just a couple of minutes drive away and since mobile catering is what we do, we have a lot of experience packing everything up to go on the road. We’ve spent the past week moving our operations over and are very pleased to share with you our new venue at 205 Divinity Road! Thanks to a heroic amount of work, the supper club will still launch on the original date of Sept 6th (this Thursday).

Our river table is now situated in a beautiful glass conservatory room, where the bright light really accentuates the blues and natural wood of the table.

We have a massive new scullery for storing all our fresh fruit, dry goods and wine which also contains a marble slab pastry prep area, meat slicer and many secret storage spaces for all our delicious ingredients.

We also have a new intimate Library room for parties that might want a bit more privacy or just proximity to the kitchen.

And our recently remodelled kitchen has a swathe of granite countertops, a wine cooler, and loads of space again for all of our oils, sauces and spices.

It is a big change but we’re so excited to show you the new space and share our delicious food with you! There are still a couple spaces left for the Pay-What-You-Want night on Friday and Saturday is starting to look quite full so book now to be the first to see our new digs.

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