October Sneak Peek: Part Two

Here’s another sneak peek at even more of the dishes that are coming up on the October Menu at Smoke and Thyme. See last week’s October preview here, or click here to check out what dates are still available – most Saturdays are fully booked already so don’t delay.


Sundried tomatoes, pesto and cows curd



If there was one clear winner from the two weeks I spent playing with my new dehydrator, it was the cherry tomatoes. Sliced in half and sprinkled with herbs and freshly ground pepper, I was making 8 tray batches and still running out before the week was done – they go so well on or with just about anything and friends were prone to begging for some to take home with them. I knew I wanted to feature them in their own dish on my October menu, so I came up with this bruschetta that pairs the tomatoes’ balance of concentrated sweetness and umami with creamy homemade cows curd and a vibrant, vegetal pesto.

Pumpkin curry



I’ve been working on my curry recipe since I was at university, so coming up on 13 years now. My favoured, carefully honed sauce works with almost anything but I didn’t try it with pumpkin until much more recently. I had a similar one at a restaurant in Soho called Kricket. I was hooked the moment I saw these beautiful, charred crescent-moon slices of pumpkin draped with a silky makhani sauce. It really makes the pumpkin the star rather than just the thing that happens to be in the curry. I plan to serve it with hot buttered flatbreads while they’re still almost too hot to tear.

Salt Caramel Beeramisu

Okay so this may have drifted a little further from the Italian classic it’s named for, but chocolate sponge, soaked in a rich, roasty, biscuity oatmeal stout (for this season we’re using Grebe’s Procession from Tap Social), layered with salt caramel marscapone and chocolate mousse and finished with flakes of feuilletine (sugar biscuit wafers) – dangerously decadent to the last bite.

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