One month down!

Well we’ve survived a month and still have our heads screwed on and a smile on our faces. We’ve loved sharing our September menu with so many lovely people and we’re even more excited to let you try what we have in store for this month.


We know we enjoy it, but it’s been amazing to hear how much you love what we do. Here are some lovely things you guys had to say about Smoke and Thyme.

‘Thank you for a wonderful meal. Every single course was lovely but I was particularly surprised/amazed by the gorgonzola cheesecake. I chose it as I was feeling a bit adventurous, but I was absolutely impressed. It was amazing!’ – Ruby

Screenshot (28)

‘Delicious food. I liked the size of the portion (for me they are so often too big). Lovely imaginative combinations. Enjoyed the company too.’ – Sally

‘Thoroughly enjoyable. We came for the food, which has been delicious, but found too a lovely venue and great company. Will come again and will recommend it.’ – Simon

‘Fab! Loved it! All of it! Food, Company, Drinks, all FAB! Xxx’ – Debbie

‘First time ever at a dinner club, and what an introduction! Such amazing food and lovely company (also fab wine/beer pairings). Service was TOP! Five Stars.’ – Freddie

We’ve also had some glowing reviews in the Oxford Mail


‘… My salted caramel brownie comes served with a dollop of banana ice cream on top, and both elements do pretty much exactly what you’d want them to do – it’s chewy, sticky, sweet, banana-y magic.

However when I stick a fork into Katie’s Gorgonzola cheesecake with poached pear I am immediately struck with buyer’s remorse: this, too, is sweet, smooth and sticky, but it’s also got a surprising salty twist which I’ve not tasted in a cheesecake before, and I instantly knew I could have stuffed a whole cake in my mouth. Probably for the best, then, that Katie didn’t let me have another bite…’

And in Bitten OXFORD


‘Would I visit Smoke and Thyme again? Definitely. The food was good, and the whole experience was great. It’s good to try something different and it had a lot of charm. The food was simple, well-executed, and tasty enough that I’m keen to go back and try some more.’

Its really amazing the level of community support we’ve been receiving and we are so incredibly grateful that you have such passion and feel the same way we do about good food and great company.

Look forward to seeing you all soon! There are a couple of October spaces left.

Book a seat at the table today!



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