Fried Chicken at Tap Social

After the rave reviews we got for the Fried Chicken and Beer Christmas parties, we thought we’d share the love even more this year by bringing Smoke and Thyme’s fried chicken direct to the Tap Social Brewery this April 11-13th.

For those of you who don’t know already, Tap Social is a fantastic local brewery based in Botley with a social mission to help with rehabilitation and retraining of ex-offenders. They are also a community space that has become one of Oxford’s best new music venues and a street food hub, and somehow they manage to still find time to create some pretty damn tasty beers.

I will be bringing three of my award-deserving fried chicken recipes, which after careful experimentation with flours and spices have produced the crunchiest, tastiest, most succulent fried chicken that you (or I) have ever tasted. You will have the chance to meet like-minded poultry aficionados, imbibe a selection of fine nectars and listen to some of Oxford’s homegrown musical talent at the brewery.

As well as the classic fried chicken with garlic, ginger and lime there is a bright red tandoori fried chicken with Indian spices and a finger-licking bourbon maple-glazed flavour. I’m also serving a selection of freshly made sides, and a full veggie/vegan range of fried cauliflower that has the power to make you reconsider your carnivorous life choices.

Every flavour is also paired with a Tap Social beer, carefully chosen to match perfectly with the herbs and spices.

Tap Social will be hosting a full slate of events including a quiz night on Thursday April 11th and live music on Friday 12th and Saturday 13th. We will be slinging fried chicken from 5pm until we run out or get kicked out.

If you feel like getting in on the action and don’t want to show up to find we’re sold out, buy an Early Bird ticket.

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