Drink Me

Inspired by Alice’s misadventures, I thought it only appropriate to create a dazzling array of receptacles and bottles in which to receive your refreshments. I let my creative minion loose and asked her to create me a selection of bottles where each one was entirely unique and varied. The only instruction I gave was that every label had to say: DRINK ME.

So we have big bottles and tiny bottles, green bottles and blue and rainbow bottles, square and round bottles. A kaleidoscope of glass filled with delicious fantasy cocktails designed to enrapture and delight. Some of the bottles have real flowers blooming off them, some are just painted with blooms. Others are inspired by tarot cards, or potion bottles from ancient apothecaries and alchemical laboratories. Each bottle whispered its secrets and we merely revealed the contents of their souls.

But what, pray tell, are the flavours of those delectable drops of dewy drink?

Our first cocktail is a coal plucked from the ashes of a fiery soul. A smoky, spicy little number made with homemade cacao and ancho chilli mole liqueur, bourbon, maple syrup and just a hint of smoke; we call it the Phoenix Tincture.

The next is a magical potion we stole from a Blue Faerie. She had been perfecting a recipe to change herself into a human so she could wander our party as one of us, in secret. This refreshing blue gin and elderflower cordial has mystical properties that are revealed with just a sprinkle of some fairy dust.

Our final dram comes from the pages of Wonderland itself. For what is more fabulously fantastical than using our scientific powers to condense the flavour of a dessert into liquid form? The Quintessence of Rhubarb and Apple Crumble does just that: creating a drink that is tart, sweet and dangerously more-ish.

Bacchanal tickets are going fast! Don’t miss the chance to come to our fabulous garden party and see what all the fuss is about.


June 8th 2019

2pm – 11pm

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