Bookings for Bacchanal are now closed. Please let us know if you have booked but have not received your invitations by Friday June 7th.

Step through a portal into
a mythical, hedonistic backwoods garden party
plucked from a fever dream
and rearranged at the intersection between our world
and another far stranger one…

Bacchanal is the quixotic apotheosis of the Smoke and Thyme vision
of impractical concepts and outrageous musings made manifest
a grand, mystical, extravagant expansion of our supper clubs
into the fantasy realm

Open fire cooking and a grazing table
a fairytale speakeasy full of strange tonics and elixirs
outlandish characters and costumes from Victoriana and fantasy fiction.

All brought here, for your pleasure and delight, for one night only.