November Menu – Sneak Peek 2

Another sneak peek at the November menu with three more dishes to lure you in.
The spaces for November are four-fifths gone – if you wait til after Halloween to book, you’re setting yourself up for a frightful disappointment. (Book now)

Fish Tasting Plate: Beetroot Cured Salmon


I never believed in love at first sight until I first made my beetroot-cured salmon. Call me shallow if you like, but I fell for the colours in this fish even before I had my first bite.

Of course, the colour is much more than just skin deep. I’m not only talking about how the beetroot cure seeping slowly into the flesh of the salmon leaves every opalescent slice with a crimson aura that fades into the salmon pink like a sunset over the sea. No – almost every ingredient in that we add to this salmon is marked by its relationship to a colour. The beetroot, infamous for its vibrant stain, is matched with zest of an orange – the fruit that takes such bold pride in its hue that they named the shade after it. The cure -BROWN sugar, BLACK peppercorns. (The dill, fresh and bright and grass-green though it may be, may be the exception that proves the rule). Continue reading “November Menu – Sneak Peek 2”

October Sneak Peek: Part Two

Here’s another sneak peek at even more of the dishes that are coming up on the October Menu at Smoke and Thyme. See last week’s October preview here, or click here to check out what dates are still available – most Saturdays are fully booked already so don’t delay.


Sundried tomatoes, pesto and cows curd



If there was one clear winner from the two weeks I spent playing with my new dehydrator, it was the cherry tomatoes. Sliced in half and sprinkled with herbs and freshly ground pepper, I was making 8 tray batches and still running out before the week was done – they go so well on or with just about anything and friends were prone to begging for some to take home with them. I knew I wanted to feature them in their own dish on my October menu, so I came up with this bruschetta that pairs the tomatoes’ balance of concentrated sweetness and umami with creamy homemade cows curd and a vibrant, vegetal pesto.

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Smoke and Thyme: Moving Home

Due to unforeseen circumstances, Smoke and Thyme has had to move the venue for the Autumn Pop-Up at very short notice. The new address is 205 Divinity Road, OX4 1LS

To gloss over all the embarrassing details, a teensy little fire in our oven lead to a dozen very large firemen coming to our rescue, and left us with a five burner range cooker in the garden and a somewhat spooked-out landlord. Continue reading “Smoke and Thyme: Moving Home”

More from the September menu

After last week’s sneak peek, I’m back to tell you about a few more dishes that you can expect if you join me in September. You can check out the full menu here, or you can book for The Autumn Pop-Up run here. Spaces are limited and expected to sell out soon, so book now.


Honey-smoked ham with pear and cashew salad

Home-cured, home-smoked, honey-glazed shoulder of pork (superior to the more traditional leg ham because of the marbling), cut paper thin on my deli slicer (favourite toy) and served with slices of pear and candied cashews. I love curing my own meats – this one takes only about three days in a customised brine of my own devising – before being fully cooked, glazed in honey and smoked for flavour.

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May & June Pay-What-You-Want Dates

New pay-what-you-want dates for May and June!

It seems crazy that this could be true, but these will be the first PWYW dates that I will have run myself since before Christmas. I’m very excited to be back in the saddle and have a hell of a lot of ideas to test out on you all.

The dates are:

  • Friday 25th May
  • Saturday 26th May
  • Friday 1st June
  • Saturday 2nd June
  • Friday 8th June
  • Saturday 9th June

I’ve been hoarding inspiration both from my New Orleans trip and from my own experiments, readings and imagination. Be prepared for such delights as: Continue reading “May & June Pay-What-You-Want Dates”