Supper Clubs

I run a supper club with a constantly changing menu at my home in Ferry Road, Marston. For the past three years, I’ve been running most of these events on a pay-what-you-want scheme as a way to test out and get feedback on new dishes that I’m developing. I’m continuing this in going forwards with a brand new set of ideas.

A really fun night for any foodie, you get the chance to try something new and different and to talk to me about the food and what I do. You can check out menus and photos from previous supper clubs here and if you’d like to come book your place here.

If you’d like me to host a private Supper Club at your event/venue,  get in touch with me here.

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2018 SEASON 

All the upcoming dates for February-April are pay-what-you-want, and all are at my Ferry Road location in the Marston/St Clements area.

February 1st to April 30th I will be in New Orleans. I’ll be blogging here and posting photos on Facebook and Instagram from the great and notable restaurants in the city, as well as all the best places to sample the local falling-down water.

Meanwhile in Oxford, my best friend/top chef Finn Baird will be the Guest Chef at the Smoke and Thyme Supper Clubs while I’m away. He’s an extremely capable and imaginative chef who will be bringing a great many fresh new ideas to the supper clubs. I’m going to be working closely with him on the menus – passing back new recipes that I’ve found in New Orleans and doing the same kind of ruthless refinement of each other’s ideas that we do whenever we cook together.

Come the beginning of May, there will be much celebrating and rejoicing of my triumphant return at a supper club with a thoroughly New Orleans inspired menu.




Based on experience I know that I’m always going to want to be tweaking dishes right up until the last moment, and as such I’m expecting the menus will not even be written until pretty much the day beforehand. Rather than battling this, I’m embracing it:  the dishes for all PWYW nights will NOT be announced in advance AT ALL – so if you’re coming, be prepared for a complete surprise (and be sure to let me know of any dietary restrictions when you book).

As ever, I will be asking guests to fill in feedback forms on the night to let me know what you thought of the dishes.