Locavore Feasts

Locavore is back!

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The Localvore Feasts, in partnership with Cultivate, will take place four times a year, in time with the major events of the agricultural calendar. I am planning:

  • A Harvest Feast in October to take advantage of the Autumnal bounty such as squash, pears, parsnips, beetroot, apples and blackberries.
  • A New Year Feast in January/February celebrating the food that still shows up in these dark months – celeriac, rhubarb, cauliflower, Jerusalem artichokes
  • A Spring Feast in May, heralding the return of asparagus (truly the gem in the seasonal crown)
  • A Summer Feast in July, with strawberries, raspberries, cherries, sweetcorn, courgettes and aubergine.

The fixed price, 7 course tasting menu will consist of a seasonally changing selection of imaginative vegetable dishes, grown within a day’s walk of where it’s being served, selected at its peak and cooked in the way that shows it off at its absolute best. Less than 1% of the food eaten in Oxford is grown locally, but I intend to prove eating more of the amazing fruit and vegetable grown in allotments, gardens and farms within a handful of miles of our fair city is not just a worthy environmental cause, but an absolute treat.

Helping me with sourcing, as ever, is Cultivate, who get the majority of their stock from farms within 25 miles and sell it at Veg Van stops all round Oxford. 

Although I’m designing the set menu for the Localvore Feast to be a complete meal as it stands, we will also be featuring an optional meat “side” for some of the courses, so die-hard carnivores can get their fix by ordering a plate of meat on the side. It is in this way that I hope to continue my mission of encouraging people to see the potential for fruit and vegetables to be stars of the plate, not just a supporting player.

Price: £25 for the vegetable menu, £10 supplement for a side plates of meat.

Next dates:
Locavore Harvest Feast
October 7th, 13th and 14th
24 Ferry Road.