Smoke and Thyme in New Orleans: K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen

“People would come in, four to a table, and say, ‘Four blackened redfish. We got to a point where we literally limited blackened redfish to one to a table. And we’d usually convince them to order one as an appetizer and everybody would taste it” READ MORE

Smoke and Thyme in New Orleans: Cochon

Just across Canal St from the French Quarter are the refurbished factories and stockyards of the Warehouse District. Cochon, and its Executive Chef Donald Link, are right at home there. Cochon cooks Cajun food, the down-home, country-style cuisine of Louisiana. READ MORE

Smoke and Thyme in New Orleans: Shaya

Nominally, Shaya is an Israeli restaurant, but the menu features dishes that make reference to origins in Morocco and Bulgaria and all points in between – a nine-hour wide clock sweep around the Mediterranean for influences. READ MORE

Smoke and Thyme in New Orleans: Patois

“We’ll lowball ’em. We start with the sweet potato, andouille shrimp soup. Then we get the rabbit kidneys out of the freezer – they’re tiny, they’re gonna thaw fast. We skewer them with some lardons of the Benton’s bacon. Then we hit ’em with sweetbreads and crawfish over grits. And how about this for the […]

Smoke and Thyme in New Orleans: Krewe of Red Beans

One Mardi Gras a red beans aficionado dedicated an old jacket, two weeks of his life and a whole lot of hot glue to celebrating his love of red beans in costume form. It was such a hit he decided that next year, he’d have his own red beans themed parade. READ MORE