Smoke and Thyme in New Orleans: Bacchanal

Bacchanal, in spite of its name, stands in gentle rebuke to a city compelled by excesses. The menu is Mediterranean restraint and the drinks are more for sipping than quaffing. What is generous is the spirit READ MORE

New Orleans Feast

For Bookings, Click Here Read More About the Menu As anyone who has been following me here on the blog or anywhere on social media will know, I have been having an absolute blast on my culinary tour of New Orleans. But as much as I’m enjoying myself, I didn’t come here just for me. […]

Smoke and Thyme in New Orleans: Shaya

Uptown, on the west side of the city (“Up” being a river direction in New Orleans), is host to enough excellent restaurants to overflow the page of a moleskine notebook devoted to listing them. And if you go asking every waiter, barfly and streetcar-rider the best place to eat in town, one of the names […]

Smoke and Thyme: New Orleans

Through a combination of a beloved tv show, an adventurous brother, the organisational skills of two perfect strangers and a best friend with some annual leave to use up, I found myself in New Orleans for almost two weeks over Halloween. It was the trip of a lifetime to a city whose blend of food, […]

New Year, New Recipes

Between my three months in New Orleans and the Autumn Run, it’s been a long time since I’ve had the chance to  experiment with anything new, and therefore a long time since I’ve done any pay-what-you-want dates. But they’ll be back very soon – new dates for the new year, and I have over six months […]

Through the Wardrobe: Bacchanal

Jack’s plan was to have a little summer back garden barbecue party, until he let things got a bit out of hand. Inspired by Oxford’s expansive literary tradition, Greek and Roman hedonistic drunken celebrations and the gentle excesses of a New Orleans establishment of the same name, Bacchanal morphed into a fantastic fairy tale fever-dream […]