Bacchanal: Origin

At the back door of the cave-like New Orleans Bacchanal Wines is a sign: I walked under it into a leafy little enchanted courtyard that seemed magically bigger on the inside – one that swayed with the sounds of live music and the strings of lights that festoons its trees. A pit-master tended the smoldering […]

February Menu Review

Between New Orleans, the Autumn Run and Christmas, February was the first proper Pay-What-You-Want since last summer. As you might imagine, I was bubbling over with ideas that I wanted to share with you. You may have seen some recent blog posts about the experiments I’ve been doing but this is the first time anyone […]

November Menu: Sneak Peek

As I write this, we’re only at the half-way point of the Autumn Pop-Up run, but it seems like its already time to think about endings. I spent a lot time selecting the dishes I wanted to wrap up this run with – hoarding a few of my most delectable, delightful and delicious for Autumn’s […]

October Menu Sneak Peek

With September already half gone and just a few spots left at the remaining dates (book now), I thought it was about time to tease a couple of the new  dishes I’ve got coming up for the October menu. Some of my all time favourites have been reserved for this month. Here’s three of them: […]

Introducing Guest Chef Finn Baird

Click here to book for the Finn Baird Guest Chef Supper Clubs This is Finn. Finn has been my best friend since the age of 9, a professional chef since he was 16, and for 4 glorious months in 2013, my business partner under the name Urban Picnic – the make-all-the-mistakes-and-get-out-before-they-find-the-bodies precursor to Smoke and […]

Upcoming dates

WHAT’S A SUPPER CLUB? click here Special events: February-April 2018: Featuring Guest Chef Finn Baird PAY-WHAT-YOU-WANT: FEBRUARY Friday 2nd February Saturday 3rd February Friday 16th February Saturday 17th February MARCH Friday 2nd March Saturday 3rd March Friday 16th March Saturday 17th March APRIL Friday 6th April Saturday 7th April Friday 20th April Saturday 21st April […]

“Half the joy of going to Jack Greenall’s house for dinner is you never know who you’ll meet…. Like a great French wine you drink on holiday, some things are best enjoyed in the moment – you can’t take them home – and so much of dinner at Jack’s house you couldn’t replicate anywhere else.” […]