April and May Supper Club Menu

Asparagus, broccoli and blue cheese soupTo begin: Asparagus, broccoli and blue cheese soup
Every year as I wait on tenterhooks for the beginning of asparagus season, this is the recipe I’m waiting to make. A lesser blog might give you the useful tip that you can use the leftover hard woody ends of asparagus to make the soup, but to be honest, I buy asparagus to make this soup out of the ends, and have to come up with uses for the rest. 

Main course: Slow braised lamb ragu with gnocchi and ribboned asparagus
My search for the perfect slow-braised lamb came complete with this dish – 48 hours of sous vide cooking at a low temperature leaves the lamb meltingly tender but without having lost any of its flavour to the sauce. For this Supper Club I’ve paired with a pile of pillowy, buttery gnocchi and ribbons of seasonal asparagus.
Wild mushroom and truffle ragu with gnocchi and ribboned asparagus
The wild mushroom ragu “alternative” is a creation that won over one of my most ardently carnivorous friends at a recent dinner party, who swore that while eating it he forgot that it was vegetarian. The depth of flavour comes from the variety of different types of mushrooms used, and is punched up by a good dash of truffle oil right at the end. 

Dessert: Salt caramel custard tart
In my kitchen, scraps of pastry and leftover crumbs get saved up in a jar, and when the jar is full, I mix them with melted chocolate and press them into a shell to make the base for this tart. Salt caramel custard, baked until set inside a chocolate pastry case, bruleed until the top is a crunchy, glass-like shard of caramel. Decadent. 

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Pictures from March Supper Club

March Supper Club menu

It’s finally time to give you a preview of what to expect at next month’s Supper Club. March is a lean season for fresh produce. There’s not a lot growing in the frosty fields, but among the few things that are available are some absolute gems.


Cauliflower SoupTo begin: Curried cauliflower soup with crispy leek bhaji
Roasted cauliflower is a real winter treat, and its nutty flavour goes great with the blended Indian spices that remind you of warmer climes. I was challenged by a friend to come up with a meat and dairy-free soup that needed no apologies – this was the result, and I’m proud and delighted to be able to serve it to you this month along with the crispy leek bhajis.

Main course: Dry rub pork ribs with buttermilk onion rings and rainbow coleslaw
Dry rub slow-roast veg with buttermilk onion rings and rainbow coleslaw
“Dry rub” – where a mix of ground dry spices, salt and brown sugar are rubbed into the meat before cooking – is my favourite kind of barbecue. The spice mix I use is based on the regional style of Kansas City, but I’m keeping my food miles down by walking the 50 yards across Cowley road to Alder’s butchers for some racks of baby-back pork ribs. The ribs are cooked for 18 hours, and I’m serving them with buttermilk-battered onion rings and my award-deserving rainbow coleslaw.
For vegetarians, the same Kansas City spice rub will coat meltingly tender staves of a selection of slow-roast vegetables.


rhubarb tartDessert: Bruleed custard tart with forced rhubarb and blood orange
This almond shortcrust tart is a favourite of mine all year round to serve with whatever vibrant red fruit is in season. In March, that means lightly poached rhubarb and segments of blood orange, but last summer you may have seen it when it was a strawberry custard tart.


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